Thursday, 17 August 2017

Making Memories

This weeks theme for the 

I have had little time to craft this past week so once again my digital page
with its added quote will enable me to join the folk at 
where Jo's theme is
Poetry in Motion.

I think many of you have happy memories of days at the beach,
we remember them as warm summer days, playing on the sand and in the water
 when in reality here in the North east of the U.K  the sea is always extremely cold.

Thank you for calling in to see me today.
Your visit is always appreciated.

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  1. What a brilliant page and quote! I seem to often find the fun in things so Winnie the Pooh's memory quote really resonates with me ... lol 😉. It also reminds me of fond childhood memories too, when I used to read A.A. Milne books and play Pooh sticks at the local stream too. Your page is like stepping back in time with the lovely vintage photo, and as always the details you add really bring the piece alive including the childlike text you used for the quote and the 'happy' and 'treasure' definitions 😁. By the way, it was always so exciting to look for hidden treasure at the beach, wasn't it! Thank you for the memories and joining us at Art Journal Jounrey! Wishing you a Happy Thursday Yvonne! J 😊

  2. *wow* That is wonderful I am inspired by your idea,
    with this quote!!!!
    happy day

  3. I love art that encloses a vintage snapshot! This is so well done. Thank you for joining our challenge!

  4. Gorgeous page Yvonne, hope things soon get easier for you. Hugs, Valerie

  5. I love these words, and this bevy of joyful children enjoying sea, sun, sand and company!

  6. this is really really lovely, nostalgic and fun. beautiful layout. xo

  7. Funny how some things we do become a lifelong memory and others disappear from our heads. That is a clever quote, and I do like the beach theme. Days at the beach are always good memories for sure-at least for me. :) Hugs-Erika

  8. wow...what an amazing page. very creative layout and the quote is an added plus!

  9. Wonderful page full of memories for lots of us I'm sure

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Such a wonderful snapshot beautifully framed...superb.

  11. This really looks like a good memory!

  12. wow,love your amazing page,full of memories ,the qoute is super!
    happy weekend.

    hugs jenny

  13. Oh wow, take a standing ovation for this gorgeous piece.

  14. Adorable old photo of the children at the beach, and cute quote as well.

  15. Wonderful page full of memories for lots of us I'm sure