Monday, 2 January 2017

Wings on Things

The Take a Word Challenge theme this week is....
Wings on Things.

This is my digital page  for the theme.
Don't you wish sometimes that you could fly?

Thank you for calling in to see me today, you are most welcome here..

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  1. For me this is a master piece. I love the color, love the qoutes, beautiful background.
    Thanks for showing, it looks wonderful!

  2. Fabulous page!! Love the images and quotes. The little cub is so cute!

  3. this is really beautiful! xo

  4. A wonderful, beautifully designed journal page with so many interesting and delightful things to see. Yes, I do sometimes wish I could fly.

  5. So much interesting to see. Lovely magical story of wings.
    Have a wonderful weekend xx
    P.S. At last we got snow here in Southern Finland and it's very cold sunny day now.

  6. oooh brilliant artsy and grungy page Yvonne - love this!
    Yes..wouldn't it be amazing if we could fly.. I remember having a vivid dream years ago where I was flying
    and waking up remembering it so clearly at the time.... ahhh if only we could fly..what fun and it would be
    great to avoid traffic of course.
    Hope your week going well.. Gill xx

  7. I love your grungy page! Like Gibby, I used to have flying dreams. They were wonderful, and I wish I could have them on command!

  8. I adore this page - great choice for the header, but even better to see the full thing. Colours and images all work wonderfully.
    Alison x

  9. This is wonderful I love it.


Thank you for calling in to see me today. You are very welcome here and the comments you leave for me are always appreciated.